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Undercounter Bar Systems and Modular Bar Units

In collaboration with our clients we have been involved in the design, development, manufacture and installation of a unique stainless steel under counter unit, cocktail unit  and glass rack system. The system has been developed to maximise efficiency in very busy town and city centre pubs, clubs and restaurants. It also allows operators to maintain very high standards of hygiene behind the bar.

The system has evolved working with clients with the aim of increasing wet sales and improving hygiene issues. The outcome is a range of free standing glass rack units 580mm wide to accommodate three standard 500mm square glass wash baskets. The modular units can be supplied either with a plain worktop, dump sink and wash hand basin or fully kitted out as a cocktail station with ice dump, speed rail, fruit holders and dividers.


The system maximises the available storage space for glasses behind the bar and eliminates the need to stack the glasses under the bar counter as the glass racks are simply slid into place from the dishwasher.

The glass racks are open at the bottom enabling operators to mop and clean easily at regular intervals with no hidden voids minimising the possibility of bar fly or smells. They are free standing enabling the units to be removed so that regular deep clean operations can be undertaken as required.

The system is simple, robust and cost effective. We are sure that we have one of the most competitive undercounter systems on the market.

Any height of glass rack can be made to suit your requirements.

Some examples of our work are given below. Please contact us if you require any further information. If you have any unusual or bespoke requirements we would be more than happy to discuss.


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Below are some drawings of typical under counter units and a meet & greet stand produced for our clients. We can manufacture under counter units, cocktail stations and glass racks in sizes to suit most requirements.



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